Thursday, October 2, 2008

I was lying in bed late last night and I wondered what it is that keeps me going, wanting to pursue this business and be successful.

Then I remembered Honk! my freshman year, and all of the feelings that came with playing Ida in that show.

It was a dumb junior production, sure. But it was, for some unspeakable reason, arguably the most rewarding show I have ever been a part of.

I will write a long entry as to why and explain myself thoroughly upon revisiting this entry, deleting it, and beginning anew, as I am probably not wording myself correctly now seeing as how tired I am. But now it is late, and I am a tired little fish, and I must get to bed. But tomorrow, or perhaps this weekend, I will wax on that one show (and a good many others too, I'm sure!) that I have to keep remembering through this college experience to remind me why I love doing this so much.


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Tracy said...

Here is my memory from that show.

I was backstage painting giant grass blades, and Kolt Atchley and a few other kids were there when suddenly Kolt gasped and said, "Kate's singing!" and they all took off running to watch you from the wings.

That's why you do this. You have watchability. (Is that a word?)