Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bus bus bus

Wow, thank you everyone. I really didn't know I had more than four readers. So... Thanks. :)

Sorry for not updating. I've been in Vegas.

Actually thats not entirely true, as I was only there one night. But still, it was really cool.

So this past week, we made the trek all the way from south Dakota (we had been in Canada, again, just recently) down through Utah and into las Vegas last night. Seeing as there are only three of us in this tour who are underage, Anna, Alicia and I made our own adventures and walked up and down the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) exploring. In fact, Vegas is a lot like Disneyworld. It's a lot of fake things, and gaudy and touristy things, but that's sort of okay because no one is expecting it to be anything else.

Now I'm traveling through the Mojave desert and it's really something. I took lots of pictures that I promise I'll put up later. I am really excited about San Diego for a whole week. Maybe i should celebrate by dying my hair a crazy color or stealing one of the orcas at sea world and freeing it into the ocean Free Willy-style. Or maybe I'll just have an In-N-Out burger.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Secret Day Off

First off: I don't blog often because I am discouraged by it. I only ever get like two comments, which leads me to believe that the only people who read this blog are... my mother. And maybe Lauren or Joanna. So please. If you're out there, reading even a little, maybe you can leave a comment so I know that people actually exist who read this blog. Because a blogger with no readers has no purpose in blogging.

Anyway. Time for the post.

So, last week, we were still up in the northeast, and they gave us one long travel day into Boston, then a golden day in Boston, then a brief travel day into Schenectady.

Well, about four of us with loved ones (or Spiderman tickets) decided to blow off Boston and return to NYC for a glorious few hours.

I was finally going home for a little bit!!

First things first: I saw Qi Qi, my boyfriend's adorable little niece who had grown up a lot in just a few short months.

The next morning, I went to Pace very, very briefly to meet up with Wins so we could go eat delicious New York food. Pace was heavily snowed upon.

Then: Japanese food, of course. At my favorite place of all time, Udon West on Astor Place.

Our feast that afternoon, curry and rice
Hungry lovers
The feast is consumed.

Then, later, we went to Bryant Part (Winston's wonderful idea) for ice skating, to commemorate our one year anniversary that I would miss on Feb 19. Because, hey, what's more romantic in winter than ice skating? Not much.
On our way to Bryant Park

A friendly tourist couple watching the skaters took our picture

"HUG" hehehe

But this is probably my favorite picture of all...

Anyway, later that evening we met up with mah bestest friend Bird and Leslie (Picture will come later. For some reason my iPad found it too difficult to email it.)

After a [free] feast at the NYU cafeteria, thanks to Leslie's mad RA skills, Wins and I went on our date to Cafe LaLo on the upper west side, another of our favorite places.
They had a bunch of Christmas lights still up, which was lovely in the dark cold atmosphere outside.

Cake and cappuccinos are consumed.

Delicious day.

More on the second day later...