Friday, July 31, 2009

I made it myself!

Sometimes in my spare time, I re-dub things. It all started when my childhood best friend Marshelle and I used to mute Disney movies, assign characters, and go crazy. Thus, I bring you this. Propaganda films from the 50's are sooo funny anyway, so I had fun messing with it... I love iMovie! ^_^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I like photoshop. Can you spot the poor photoshop skills required to make me look thinner? I've lost a few since this was taken, but I liquify tool'd the heck outta my limbs. Heh heh.

Ssh! No one else knows!
I wanna go to Strand though. Recycled Books in Denton is all I have for now.

Peace love and pocky.

:edit: Oh please, someone leave me a comment, for I feel so horribly lame and friendless without readers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Insomnia and Bubble Tea

Many of my favorite interwebz writers make multiple updates daily, and often those are much more entertaining to read than having to wait weeks and weeks for a long ranting post. So I'll aspire to write more. Because I am an actor and therefore love attention. Writers love attention too though. Right?

Not much has been happening lately. I'm reading and cooking, mostly lazing about and trying not to eat copious amounts of food.

I've also had problems sleeping though. I've always taken about three hours to fall asleep and never thought anything of it, until last week or so I couldn't fall asleep the entire night. I tossed and turned and then before I knew it there was light filtering into my bedroom. I sat up and snapped this picture through my window blinds...

So finally I decided to stop fighting the insomnia and I woke up, fed the dogs, and proceeded with my day.

It was awful.

This happened again a couple days later, but I did manage to get a nap in the morning.

So I decided to get serious. Today I went to Bath & Bodyworks and bought some lavender shower stuff and lavender "pillow mist," basically good-smelling stuff for your pillow so you sleep better, and now must refrain from electronic activity (or underwear-clad dancing time) at least an hour and a half before I go to bed. I'll conquer insomnia!

Bubble tea always makes me feel better. In the summer I like cold jasmine tea, but in the winter my favorite is a strong black tea with strawberry. And, of course, tapioca bubbles :-)


Good night everyone. Soon I'll be in New York again and I cannot wait until then.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I have achieved this summer thus far

1. Worked back enough to pay for most of last semester's various expenses on this new show (which the press release FINALLY came out for)
2. Danced six hours a day, two weeks solid... and still suck at it
3. Went to the gym a lot... and still managed to gain weight
4. Started cooking a whole lot, which probably explains #3
5. Had often-fun, often-not-fun family time
6. Went to Disneyworld... FO FREE. And hung out with my best friend Kelly in Orlando!
7. Discovered that I may in fact actually be allergic to sunlight
8. Painted! I painted a big six-canvas dorm room piece and two cardboard owls.
9. Bummed around with the Attractive Geniuses Incorporated, filmmakers extraordinaire

Things I wanted to achieve this summer but failed to do...
1. Work at that resort in Maine
2. Visit New York
3. Go to Singapore/Japan/Malaysia/Hawaii
4. Lose 20 pounds (which would be ridiculous, but I figured if I said to lose 20, I would lose 5)
5. Work 1000000 hours at Funimation... unfortunately I work ridiculously fast. Which is good...?
6. Become renown and famous and wonderful
7. Find happiness

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shark Hat

I desire it upon my head

...Eating my head, rather