Monday, April 27, 2009

Tag team, inspired by a Beat

Too many rattled nerves. America when will we be told the real truths? When will you stop these pandemics of nervous breakdowns over the newest fad catastrophe? When will your people, and the other people, stop being incapable of kindness? When will they care? Most act like they care, and often believe they do, but over the wrong things. America when can we appreciate the beats without sending accusations flying about insincerity?

America I grow nervous, not tired. Is this your intention? With the fumes of the Times and your noxious CNN? It's the impression we get. This is your second letter, America, to my knowledge, and you failed to listen when Ginsberg first wailed a lonely howl to your polluted sky.

America I will boycott your food and hurt only myself. America I could boycott your culture and nothing would change. America if I boycott my native country I shall end up on a boat slowly going insane like that one story we had to read in middle school.

America why didn't you listen to Ginsberg?

What I didn't wear

It was a lovely warm day, so I decided to wear a short sleeved tee with my new little shorty shorts. Then I thought, maybe this would look cute with tall socks, like the school girl look. Then my roommate says "Kate, you look so freaking Asian." And I realized she was right. What was I doing? Why the tall socks?

So tell me: did this look too Asian?

I ended up changing clothes, swapping the socks for bare legs and longer shorts instead. I'm just self conscious to sport all of my legs, which is why I grabbed the socks... FASHION FAIL. I'm aware.

But dey make mah legs look teh thinz...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two favorite videos of the week

This first one is just the epitome of the kind of dog I love the most. The big sweet wolfy kinds who look scary but are actually like big babies.

And this is pure gold. Normally this is something I'd send to Sibley, but... I kept it for myself ;-)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Allie the Queen part 1

I'm testing out the ability to blog mobile-style, and because I have
very little to write about now I'm going to post a picture of my
awesome dog.

Do you see this dog? Take a good long look at this glorious beast. I'm so in love with all my dogs but Allie just a super badass. She is a queen, and also the most beautiful and smartest dog ever.

And she could probably eat your honors student.

And now for a funny screen capture of the day:
I mean, WTF? Porn can now make your house explode?
You heard right, middle school boys. Don't make your house explode.

These facebook side ads just keep getting funnier and funnier.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It is late, late, late, said the Kate Kate Kate, you will never never never find a mate mate mate.

It's very late. I have many things to do. So what am I doing? Blogging, of course.

It's really a momentous occasion. This is the first time in about two weeks I've been able to access any form of blog from my current dorm building. Something about their internet is whack. Kind of like their hot water, meaning that there often is none.

So I should be keeping myself busy with prioritizing, but that doesn't really happen that way. I should be...

studying my lines for acting
studying my lines for How I Learned To Drive
fixing my schedule
finding music for voice lessons
scheduling with FUNimation
figuring out where I'm going to go to grad school

but instead, in the past hour I have

played Zelda on the DS
left a video comment for my friend Clay
...played Zelda on the DS

I can't help it if I'm a huge gaming nerd who's been left without any DS action all year. Good thing my nerdlicious friend David came in to save the day. We swapped games; I don't know that he found my Brain Age all too exciting.

But this isn't cause for alarm! No, people. This is a good thing. If I don't take a moment, the stress of everything around me will make my head explode. And I don't really want my head to explode. So thanks, Zelda.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

On Work and Weddings

So I've been under contract with the VO company for six years now. I must say, it's the only time you might get paid to audition. They pay for your audition hours as long as it's only people under contract auditioning. Open calls there's no pay. But still. How cool is that?

It's a good time to be home. Today was my parents' 21st anniversary and after a fabulous sushi dinner we went home to watch their wedding video.

Their wedding was astoundingly fun. The band was fantastic, the food and setting were elaborate and the booze was everywhere. By the end of the reception everyone was piss drunk and happy and hilarious. It was the happiest wedding I've ever seen. My mom looked beautiful even with her 1988 shoulder padded wedding gown ;-)

This is not her dress. This is what I want to wear--->

One of my mom's high school friends, towards the end of the video, ran up to the camera with my drunk-ass uncle and stammered into the camera, "20... 20 years from now, you... you're gonna watch this and say... hey... hey, what, whatever happened to that girl? An... 20 years from now, you... and say, hey, shit, where's her wrinkles... and... I don't know what I'm saying." And proceeded to laugh her way out of focus. And my uncle grabbed the maid of honor and said "I'm the worst bride of the brother they ever have. I mean... yeah!" And then two of the camo-clad army boys picked my mom up over their heads as their hostage and proceeded to kidnap her from the reception, kicking and screaming. Everyone was laughing and dancing and drinking. And I thought to myself, I am a very cynical person, and I've never been much for girly fantasies... but I want a wedding like that.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

この女の子は頭がおかしい or, Roommates and Gym time

私のルームメイトを見ている "What Happens in Vegas", そして私はジムに行きたい。

なる。。。 ているため。。。


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Fest!

April Fools about having a real pet rabbit. I was trying to freak out my mom. I would always do this to her, threaten to bring home another scurrying animal or mess up my future apartment with a ferret named Higginson (which I still fully plan on doing.) But this is the real rabbit I got for free today
Which I stuffed myself. It was like a mini-build-a-bear workshop, in our school. Because today was


And the weather is BRILLIANT right now. Absolutely perfect for a cute little festival.

So we went outside and they had these GIANT INFLATABLE BATTLE BOUNCY THINGS! As in, it was like a bouncy house with no walls or ceiling and you stood on a middle part and whacked eachother with big cushiony warrior sticks until one person won. It was SO COOL.

So I battled David

This is him falling over backwards. Hilarious. Look at those guys behind him staring
It was so, so, so much fun.


Joey looks bored while Whitney eats a delicious funnel cake. (Thanks to Joey who took the pictures, by the way)

Whitney and Hilary battling it out on the other bouncy battle thing.

Students wait in line for free funnel cake... I mean seriously, it's free...

Funnel cakes... almost as good as the weather we're having.

I wanna go take a walk down to Battery Park,
which is one of my new favorite places.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Please note: I love my roommates, really

I'm writing a (late) blog for the school, but in the meantime, I'm gonna write something I'd never put past any school officials.

I want-- nay, need-- an apartment next year. Dorming is just copious amounts of bullshit.

The most demeaning thing is mandatory "room checks" where the RAs come through and check everyone's rooms to make sure they're keeping clean and all that. What, are we children? It's embarrassing. The RA always says two things: take out the bathroom trash and Kate, your corner is too full of stuff, you need to clean it.

There is NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING TO BE PUT AWAY in my corner.

Then she compliments Aude on her meticulously tidy living space.

Here's why Aude and Nicole's spaces are so clean: they practically don't live here. They only have, what, a laptop, which isn't there on weekends, a few clothes that will make do for the week, and whatever else they just leave at home because they'll be there on the weekend. They don't need anything else, so their spaces are emptier.

I, however, live here permanently. I need everything I need for survival right here in this very room. And because they don't give us bookshelves, the window ledges have become my library, plus I have all the clothes I own here, all the shoes I own here, etc etc etc, because I, unlike them, don't live five minutes away and can leave if I need something. That is why my corner always looks busy. There isn't enough room for me to live in it.

And the bathroom trash thing? Well, weekends are usually trash takeout time. Guess who's here on the weekend?