Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a weird life

It's a very weird life.

Boys come and go, I guess. I mean I guess they have to. And life is all about second guessing yourself and asking if you did the right thing or wondering if you've messed up anything good you could ever hope to have. And you just have to keep going, I guess, and making all those mistakes and eventually you've mapped out some weird plotline for the weird trippy novel that is your life. So it goes, I guess.

Thank god I have a friend who knows what I mean when I tell him I'm "fwijjed".

Thank god I have a word to describe it perfectly, to begin with.

Thank god I have people who care about me, even though I'm a psycho lunatic.

I'm lucky to have friends to tell me that I'm not a psycho lunatic after all-- I'm human.

So it goes, I guess.

So it goes.

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