Sunday, March 21, 2010

JAPANESE 102: Revenge of the Grammar (a.k.a. Fuck Babelfish)

私の生活はとてもたのしいです、でも 忙しいも。

I wish I knew how to write "I miss," because I would write how much I miss my best friends Lauren Bird and Kelly Weaver, who are each, separately, an equally absurd distance away from me... which is not okay.

In other news, all of the above grammar was written entirely by me with no help from an external translator! All from my head. So, because of this, I certainly hope the kanji is correct, otherwise who knows what on earth I've written.

(Kanji = Chinese characters. The Japanese language is made up of three different alphabets, two of which are phonetic [ひらがな and カタカナ] and the last of which is the entire Chinese character list, which amounts to a ridiculous amount of incoherent shapes that all mean something different. Needless to say, it's insane. The end.)

I am writing this at three in the morning. It's sleepy time. ところで、ウィンストンさんが大好きだよ。(ウィンストンさんは私のボイフレンドです)

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Kazue said...

Just one little thing---"but I'm also busy." は、"忙しくもあるけど" ですよ (^^)

Your Japanese is awesome!! Keep writing!