Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 1: York, PA

Hola... as you can see I've temporarily transformed Sunflower Existence into a sort of tour documentation. It's mostly just so I can remember everything that happens, in a strange sort of way.

I've taken pictures but as they're on my big camera I haven't yet hooked it up to the computer. So here's what happened today.

I got Winston to take me (and my big ol' blue luggage, plus a purse, a makeup kit, and a backpack full of books) to midtown via gypsy cab and we arrived at the rehearsal studio where we'd been rehearsing for the past two weeks. The bus was loaded, sad farewells were bid, and we shipped off from New York on a big ol' bus. I read Sophie's World instead of doing homework. But that's typical.

Anyhow, there isn't much to write, but a little after we arrived at our hotel, which is a beautiful old fashioned sort of place, we took a cast trip to Wal Mart for anything we needed. Since we're doing a week long tech here in York, most people bought groceries; mine, of course, consisted of ramen and french bread (among other things.)

I really don't have much to write currently, other than tomorrow we've got a full day of tech, including a rehearsal with the local kids. My roommate for this adventure is Sarah, who plays Glinda/Aunt Em-- she's currently a little under the weather, which she's sleeping off so I have to be quiet as I shower and do homework... wow, this is a boring blog. In other news, I have lots of papers to write.

Love and peace,


Lisa Grossman said...

Thanks for the blog post. Remember, your slightly boring day is probably more exciting than most of ours. None of your news is ever boring to us. We want to know every detail of this experience. You didn't say if this will be your bus for the whole trip, whether you had assigned seats, were given a sack lunch, or even if the bus had a bathroom. Did anyone sing "100 Bottles of Beer?" Do the Totos (Totoes?) travel with you?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!!!
So glad to hear you are part of this tour. Saw the show last year with Cassie. I loved it!!! I am excited to see it this year with you. I bet you will be just as good if not better!! Oh btw...I am Marguerite. I am from Colorado Springs. I am junior studying Literature and recently one of my topics for a lit course is WOZ so ...I am hoping to get my essays posted on here (once they are done ). Hope to talk with you soon.

middleagedtreehouse said...

Hey there! I have lots of questions for you, too! Did the director come to Tech week? Does he travel to opening night? You have your own dressing room? Wow! Can we turn your room at home into an office? I have a feeling you won't ever be coming home! LOL love you, xxoo Mumzy