Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Secret Day Off

First off: I don't blog often because I am discouraged by it. I only ever get like two comments, which leads me to believe that the only people who read this blog are... my mother. And maybe Lauren or Joanna. So please. If you're out there, reading even a little, maybe you can leave a comment so I know that people actually exist who read this blog. Because a blogger with no readers has no purpose in blogging.

Anyway. Time for the post.

So, last week, we were still up in the northeast, and they gave us one long travel day into Boston, then a golden day in Boston, then a brief travel day into Schenectady.

Well, about four of us with loved ones (or Spiderman tickets) decided to blow off Boston and return to NYC for a glorious few hours.

I was finally going home for a little bit!!

First things first: I saw Qi Qi, my boyfriend's adorable little niece who had grown up a lot in just a few short months.

The next morning, I went to Pace very, very briefly to meet up with Wins so we could go eat delicious New York food. Pace was heavily snowed upon.

Then: Japanese food, of course. At my favorite place of all time, Udon West on Astor Place.

Our feast that afternoon, curry and rice
Hungry lovers
The feast is consumed.

Then, later, we went to Bryant Part (Winston's wonderful idea) for ice skating, to commemorate our one year anniversary that I would miss on Feb 19. Because, hey, what's more romantic in winter than ice skating? Not much.
On our way to Bryant Park

A friendly tourist couple watching the skaters took our picture

"HUG" hehehe

But this is probably my favorite picture of all...

Anyway, later that evening we met up with mah bestest friend Bird and Leslie (Picture will come later. For some reason my iPad found it too difficult to email it.)

After a [free] feast at the NYU cafeteria, thanks to Leslie's mad RA skills, Wins and I went on our date to Cafe LaLo on the upper west side, another of our favorite places.
They had a bunch of Christmas lights still up, which was lovely in the dark cold atmosphere outside.

Cake and cappuccinos are consumed.

Delicious day.

More on the second day later...


Joanna said...

I read your blog! I love your blog! I love you!

middleagedtreehouse said...

These are beautiful wonderful photos! LOVE them, thank you honey!!! Mummy is teh happyz!

EmilyOperaGirl said...

Hey Kate! A friend of mine and I read your blogs all the time! It's good to see you got a chance to go back to NY and hang with the boyfriend and friends. :) You deserve it. Also, you're a big inspiration to us who couldn't act for a living but still love to perform! Hope the show continues to go well and have fun.
P.S. I hate dancing too and now I really want fancy coffee and cakes.

Alejandra Enciso said...

I feel you with the '3 readers in my blog thing' don't worry, I can assure lots of people do read your blog. It is cool and the pictures are great, really 'authentic' stuff
Looking forward to our phone interview in a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog Kate!!! Keep it up. You are an excellent writer. I hope everything goes well for you. Feel free to read my stuff sometime. Best of luck!!

ninarieee said...

I read your blog (:

Ali said...

I read too! :)

also, I've never seen such amazing pictures of food... I hope you're ready for a few guests this summer... cuz Brett & I will definitely be visiting!! miss you!!

Hawk said...

Have commented in the past. Will attempt to do so in the future...

Mrs. Moment said...

I read your blog! ;) <3



Taylor said...

I read vehemently Kate!

Mezzo in sweatpants said...


....sometimes i catch up on this stuff i guess.

Katherine Jenkins said...

Kate! I read your blog! I just don't always me, you have more than 3 readers and I follow your twitter updates about all the food you are dreaming of probably because the management forgets to feed you on the bus! I'm with you sister! Looks like you had a lovely time with your boyfriend. Tweet me....or leave a comment over on my blog..All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every couple of months or so. You even inspired me to make my own blog last year, which lasted for like 3 posts in which I vented about my lady-whore roommate. PS. I like the jet-black hair :-)