Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bits n' Pieces

Hello. My name is Kate, and I don't really have many friends here.

Not on weekends, anyways.

I know, I know, I should be out socializing. But for some reason it's very hard for me. I see all my friends from high school-- those lovable bastards, so clever and fun to be around-- hanging out with these awesome little groups, taking pictures and doing silly things, and it makes me feel so damn lonesome.

So, that's really all it is. I couldn't tell you why it's hard for me to make friends. I'll stop complaining.

I'll just look forward to my 8-hour daily rehearsals for Darling this January. I'll still be somewhat alone but at least I'll be busy enough to not think about it.


-J. said...

I liked the pre-edit version. :)

I bet all that will change once you start rehearsing shows; spending all that time with a group of people tends to result in a pretty solid bond. Then again, you could wait for Jen to come back.

Kate said...

Thanks Sibley. You're cool.

Also, Jen says we are often eerily the same person in sense of humor. Heh.

Jennifer said...

It's true. You are like twins separated at birth.

Give him the pumpkin cake recipe.

Kate said...

Ok, Sibs, here's the pumpkin cake recipe. Told in the way I told Jen, exactly.

1 can of pumpkin.
1 box of cake mix.

'Nuff said.


-J. said...

Thank god, a cake even I can't screw up. I'll get right on it.

Tracy said...

Isn't "bits n' pieces" British slang for naughty bits?

Sorry about your blue times. It's hard to find good peers when you're so stellar.