Saturday, March 21, 2009

I made pancakes this morning.

I want to live in Tokyo and become a famous renown idol, then transfer my fameocity to the US and be wildly admired by millions.

Tonight I'm going to cook potstickers.

How come people are so horrified at people in the Philippines eating dog when they all eat so much pig, which is smarter than dogs?


Hawk said...

In my nearly 43 years of life I've known one person with a pet pig and hundreds of dog owners.

The pig was obnoxious and it hurt like hell when it jumped up on you.

Dogs are cute and often fluffy.

Bacon is yummy.

I don't really have a problem with people eatin' 'em, I just hope I never see it on the grocery store shelves...

Frosty said...

I knew someone with a pet pig. It was the scariest, meanest animal I've ever met.

Lauren said...

Dude, remember how mean the pigs in Animal Farm were? That's why we eat them.

Little known fact: Animal Farm is a non-fiction account and no one ate pigs before that tragic occurrence when it was decided that the only way to punish the commie pigs was to engage in mass slaughters of their species and eat them over breakfast. We do that with all the commies. You know how no one is sure what's in bologna? It's Stalin and all of his family members.

Jah Rootz said...

I like your mind. Random...

I agree with you on the pork statement.

I also love Laurens little known fact.
lol :)

Thanks for the laugh before bed!