Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vanity, Hopes

I know this year is far from over.
But I've already begun to plan and hope and dream for the next.

Last semester was depressing. I was a Bodhisattva wandering the void of the city with only void and something from nothing. But from now on I'll take charge of life. And then, mid summer, back to my wonderful city, where I hope to do many things;

To have my own apartment,
And to have a job
and pay my own utility bills and groceries.
To excel in schoolwork;
take Chinese, and English,
and impress all my performance teachers.
To wear flowers in my hair.
To be quite vain
and a little bit Eastern
and a little bit Western (not country,)
and a lot of whoever it is I am,
and never narrow.
And to not close myself off, but let people in,
and be happy.

This is what I wish for the new year in my city.


Hawk said...

Best of luck with the goals!

Jennifer said...

And you shall have it...