Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I have achieved this summer thus far

1. Worked back enough to pay for most of last semester's various expenses on this new show (which the press release FINALLY came out for)
2. Danced six hours a day, two weeks solid... and still suck at it
3. Went to the gym a lot... and still managed to gain weight
4. Started cooking a whole lot, which probably explains #3
5. Had often-fun, often-not-fun family time
6. Went to Disneyworld... FO FREE. And hung out with my best friend Kelly in Orlando!
7. Discovered that I may in fact actually be allergic to sunlight
8. Painted! I painted a big six-canvas dorm room piece and two cardboard owls.
9. Bummed around with the Attractive Geniuses Incorporated, filmmakers extraordinaire

Things I wanted to achieve this summer but failed to do...
1. Work at that resort in Maine
2. Visit New York
3. Go to Singapore/Japan/Malaysia/Hawaii
4. Lose 20 pounds (which would be ridiculous, but I figured if I said to lose 20, I would lose 5)
5. Work 1000000 hours at Funimation... unfortunately I work ridiculously fast. Which is good...?
6. Become renown and famous and wonderful
7. Find happiness


Tracy said...

Sometimes you have to find happiness in little bits of it. Like going to Disney World or out with friends. It's not a big clump of something.

Joanna said...

You can't find happiness unless you lost it.

I don't think you're the type to lose such a thing.

Frosty said...

You would be renowned and famous and wonderful and visit New York if you came to stay in my apartment and take care of all four of my animals for ten days while I'm in Los Angeles.

:) Just sayin'.