Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I like photoshop. Can you spot the poor photoshop skills required to make me look thinner? I've lost a few since this was taken, but I liquify tool'd the heck outta my limbs. Heh heh.

Ssh! No one else knows!
I wanna go to Strand though. Recycled Books in Denton is all I have for now.

Peace love and pocky.

:edit: Oh please, someone leave me a comment, for I feel so horribly lame and friendless without readers.


Tracy said...

Yay! I finally found my blogger password so I can leave you comments.

I love this photo.

Oh, and I blogged today.

<3 Mum

Tracy said...

The point of PhotoShop is like plastic surgery -- you're not supposed to tell anyone!

Hawk said...

I'm afraid to comment lest I be accused of nefarious actions again...

Kate said...

I didn't even know who said that.

Dave Gordon said...

glücklich Grüße aus Österreich

Happy Greetings from Austria

Joanna said...

Kate, you're hella pretty. Your photoshop skillz only removed the 10 lbs that the camera added!