Sunday, August 9, 2009

No one likes a sad, contemplative blog entry


So here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

This is my car in the background, named Ishmael. (Well, it's Trish's from high school, but it's the exact same make & model as my Ishmael.) Ishmael is what I'm driving right now since Atticus Finch, the red volvo, is quite broken. Proof that Trish and I had the same car!

This is me and my brother before the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince premiere, which was excellent in every respect. Although now I'm considering being a Slytherin for the next movie since Draco Malfoy was really smokin' hot in this film.
Jack is Harry, obviously, and I am just Ravenclaw Babe.

Naw. Ravenclaw for life. That's mah HOWSE, represent. Most of the costume stuff is thrift store, and the tie is a four dollar tie with silver spray paint. Isn't it awesome?!

My bffl Lauren was Luna Lovegood (who had an excellent funny role in this film)


Hawk said...

I came back to comment on your sad post and it were gone. But here's my comment anyhow...

You're never a fool for feeling. The time to worry is when you stop.

ninarieee said...

i happen to very much love your ravenclaw getup. and that you name cars with literary characters C:

Frosty said...

I so love you for dressing up for the Harry Potter premier!!

And I was so surprised to see my face on your blog! And flattered.