Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's Happening This Semester (and why I need to learn time travel)

Hi. How are you today?
I'm stressing a little bit.

Here is my normal week schedule for this coming fall, as of now...

10am-11:15am : Japanese
1:25-4:10 : Musical Theatre History & Repertoire
4pm-5:50 : Critical Writing
(You may stop here and wonder: How can I make a class that starts at 4 when the previous class ends ten minute later? EXACTLY.)

10am-11:05 : Jazz dance
11am-3pm : Work in the writing center (the predicament presents itself again here)

10am-11:15 : Japanese
2pm-5pm : work in the writing center (a moderate break for lunch, joy!)
4pm-5:50 : Critical Writing (wait, what the fu... work til 5 then time travel back an hour so I can make a writing class? WTF)

10am-11:05 : Jazz dance
12:20-3:05 : Voice and Movement with the God figure of our theatre dept
3:00-5:00 : work in the writing center (Once again, writing center, WTF?)

10am-11:15 : Japanese
...and then presumably a voice lesson somewhere Friday. Oh lord I'm a busy sonufabitch.


-J. said...

But you have until noon Friday until 10am Monday to party 'till you puke.

Joanna said...

Your school be crazy.

Everything at UT starts on the hour (or half hour for T/TH) precisely. And MWF classes end at the 50 minute mark, and TTH end at the 45.

See? No sweat!

Tell your school that it be crazy, okay?

laurenlorraine said...

Why'd you sign up for a class that ends ten minutes after the other?

And, Joey's right, at least tell that Writing Center that it be crazy.

Anonymous said...

I think you need a time-turner Kate! ...work on that.