Wednesday, November 11, 2009

K so right now

I am totally dying a swine flu death.

...Actually that's not true at all. It's just the normal regular old flu. You know, the normal flu that actually kills a thousand times more people than swine flu? (The media is so awful. "SWINE FLU: DEADLY TO EVERYONE?!" "ARE YOU NEXT? SWINE FLU OMG WTF BBQ")

I'll be fine in a couple days but this sickness is causing me to neglect all of my ridiculous amount of obligations that I for some reason agreed to because I'm overambitious. Those things include but are not limited to the writing center, student blogging, student video blogging, and others... things that I really didn't have to do but I did anyway, therefore making my life a thousand times more stressful.

Everytime I try to type "flu" I type "fly". I had to go back and fix it a bunch of times already. Fly fly fly flu flu fly fly flu fly


Hawk said...

Get well soon.

Kerrie said...

Don't die, k? I was going to hire you to follow me around with a spotlight...