Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book Haul

* * *

So, I'm a self-proclaimed bibliophile, but I'd like to think that I've lived up to this title.

I friggin' love books.

I also have my kindle, Isolde, but her battery is dead and I left the charger in NY; I believe the kindle is awesome and everyone should get one. But even though I have my kindle and love it, I still love the feeling of holding an awesome sturdy paperback and flipping real pages.

So, while I wait for a new charger, I satiated my hunger for new reading material and indulged myself. You could say I over-indulged myself, too. But I'd sooner spend all my money on books than on food. (Which would help, actually, seeing as I'm on a pre-tour diet.)

In my backyard there's this cool little bench in a plant-surrounded nook

...which you'd think would be awesome for reading, but it's so damn hot and there are a thousand bugs of both the crawling and the flying/buzzing/stinging variety living in all that greenery.

So, on with the haul...

Anna Karenina, Tolstoy

the Prophet and other poems, Kahil Gibran, recommended by my friend Kelly

Mother Night, by my favorite writer in the entire world, Kurt Vonnegut, my hero.

So I'm gonna sit here for a while after I'm finished blogging and go read some Tolstoy. Go grab a book, everyone, and get off the damn computer ;-)

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. ~Mark Twain


lorax said...

I'm sure Joanna would let you borrow her charger. You should ask!

I started reading Anna Karenina freshman year of high school, but it was a little too ambitious. Then, when there was that reference to it in Bette and Boo, I told everyone I had read it.

I'll be home in two days!!!

Kate said...

there was a reference to it in a scene my friend David and I did this past semester, from the play "She Loves Me". Our characters discussed it. It sounded interesting.

Cailan Rose said...

kate, you should read margaret atwood, if you haven't already. she's a genius. and you need to give me a list of books to read. because you're a genius. cool. and congrats again!!!! :)

middleagedtreehouse said...

Oh! Kate and I are both Atwood fans! The Handmaid's Tale was unforgettable.