Friday, December 31, 2010

The great and glorious iPad of glory (and stuff)

Sorry. I haven't updated in a long time because it was Christmas and I had to do lots of shows and also some Christmasy stuff.

And, for Christmas, I got an iPad.

It is awesome.

It is the love child of a kindle and an iphone, only a thousand times better.

The iPhone is super cool and cute and stuff, and is capable of many a task. Also, it is a phone. I mean, you can't really replace a phone.

And the kindle is (aside from being superior, in my opinion, to the other ereaders) a wonderful and glorious invention in itself, as I can carry hundreds of books in it that would otherwise fill my bookshelves and clutter my future apartment (which will still happen anyway)

No, the iPad is someting altogether different. Tablet technology is really amazing. I can do so many things on this awesome little machine.

I can blog. I can use the internet. I can write novels. I can play sweet ultra-graphics games. I can watch movies for hours. I can store my recipe books (and cook using them, and mark grocery lists, and find stores to get the ingredients.) I can keep a journal. I can read everything on my kindle. I can use Skype. I can text.

But most of all, I can make drawings. And now, this is all I do during intermission.



middleagedtreehouse said...

Yay! You're drawing again! And blogging!

Anonymous said...

You are a great drawer. You should make a whole comic book or something...maybe a WOZ one.

Katherine Jenkins said...

HI Kate..when will you be in Olympia, WA for a show??? Please email me at to let me know! Love your new blog look!!!!! Hope the tour is going well and you are having fun!!

middleagedtreehouse said...

Tell you what -- I'll go to the gym every time you get around to posting a new blog! <3 Mummy