Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We're driving through Kansas, and although we aren't playing any cities here (en route to Pueblo, Colorado) it's interesting to visit towns that have things like the "Oz Museum" and "Toto's Tacos".

We pass a lot of windmills and prairie.
My friend Jesse (who plays the lion) got a bunch of us books for an early Christmas gift on Black Friday. Me and Stacey (our brilliant female swing/ensemble goddess) got A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I'm not a big fan of fantasy, but let me just say, I am so happy that I ventured outside my comfortable genres (mainly classics, beatniks, and Vonnegut) for this book. It is amazing.
I love nothing more than getting completely wrapped up in a book, so much that I look forward to finishing lunch or hopping back on the bus just so I can get another chapter in. It's a lot of Kings and Queens and direwolves and thieves and princes. Actually, it feels like one of those books that I would get really into if I were living in the time of Little Women (the other book I'm rereading) and stayed up in an attic all day with my own personal dusty library.

I've only read a few other fantasy books (excluding Harry Potter) and they mainly focused on animals. Yeah, I'm a real big nerd for that kind of stuff. One of my favorite childhood books is called The Sight and it's about a wolf pack and has a whole bunch of magical elements and a prophecy and AHSOCOOL. (/neeerrrrrrrd)

But anyway.

I think I just saw the beginnings of snow outside the bus window!

This is really exciting.


middleagedtreehouse said...

Yay! Love bus posts.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Colorado, Kate!!! Sadly not able to make it to the show tonight. I am actually going to a WOZ movie viewing for my literary criticism class. I am hoping to get to see you all in February!!! Just wanted to say I love your posts and I am book nerd too!!! I have read a lot of novels this semester as well as poems. I am a lit major so, I usually have a book on my hand along with a cup of tea. Good Luck with your tour and I will talk to you soon.

C said...

I'm loving your blog!! Ahhh Little Women is my fave book - so so great. I also melted at those beautiful coffees in your other post - bahhhh they look so perfect! Hoshiiii! Keep up the posting =D