Tuesday, March 22, 2011

107 shows down, 10 to go

...I am not entirely sure if that number is perfectly accurate or not, but it seems to be correct from the chatter backstage, so I'll go with that!

Tonight's subject for blogging will be skyping with the boyfriend.

(He is absolutely the cutest.)

Our typical skype video chat conversation, which typically takes place around midnight, usually goes something like this:

Me: Hi baby!! What's up!
Winston: Rmph. Not much. Just eating some noodles.
Me: Oh that's cool! So today we had a show, but most of the day was free, so I slept until noon and then went to the gym for a whole hour! It was so nice!
Winston: *continues munching on noodle soup*
Me: And then we had bus call at five, and that was that time that I called you, but you said you were busy, so I said I'd call you at intermission, and then I went to do the show and it was totally a train wreck and nothing went right but whatever-- (*continues yammering about the day*) ...So, what did you do today?
Winston: Nothing.
Me: What? Really, nothing?
Winston: I had class and then I did homework in the library for nine hours.
Me: Oh. Jesus.
Winston: Yup.
Me: Oh yeah, you've been up since like six this morning, right? That's when you texted me! Wow. So, anyway, after that...
Winston: *begins nodding off at computer*
Winston: *starts awake* SORRY sorry I'm really tired.... *eyelids start to droop again*
Me: You really aren't a night owl, are you?
Winston: *zzzzzz*
Me: Dammit
Winston: *zzzzzzzzzzz*

On a luckier day when I'm able to catch him during daylight hours, we have intricate lengthy conversations about things like summer plans or Batman villains. Either way, even though he has a hard time matching up to my excellent sleep-avoiding skills, he's probably the cutest thing ever.

Also, here is a random photowhoring moment that has nothing to do with anything except the fact that I saw my bestest friend and love of my life KELLY WEAVER the other day on one of our two-show days in Florida, and not only did she pay to come see the show and then go out to Ihop with me afterwards, she also gave me back a sweater that I had been missing for more than two years. Turns out I left it in her car the last time I visited her, back when she was still working at Disney.I'm so vain, I bet I think this blog is about me.

And here are the badasses in action, at said pancake house:

As you can see, she has gone platinum sexy blonde and I've gone jet black. Barbie and vampire girl. ^_~

Not only that, she and her mom gave me a beautiful gift of a set of Japanese tea cups. How does she know I've been wanting fancy tea cups like that for EVER?? Because she is the greatest of great, that's what.

Love is all around me. <3


Anonymous said...

hey, sweetie pie! I would have been leaving comments daily if I had known you were still blogging. I should have done a better job checking up on your, but I trust your mom to remind me about this kind of stuff.

I am still smiling at the wonderful joy of hearing you sing that song about a rainbow. It was spectacular. Certainly worth a $300 airline ticket,a three hour drive and a $89 hotel room. XOXOXOXOXO

Lisa Grossman

Ali said...

I love your skype dialogue. Usually when I'm home (and not 6 hours ahead in Italy) if Brett lays down at all-- couch, bed, etc-- that immediately is the end of our conversation because he just passes out lol. And it actually happens quite often. ;-)
Also you look ridiculously gorgeous in the pic with your new/old jacket.
And I'm so excited you and Kelly got to see each other!! I miss you both & you two are beautiful in this picture.
Good luck in the end of your tour, lovely <3

Kate said...
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middleagedtreehouse said...

Nice entry, Pumpkin. I will work out today, as agreed!

lorax said...

Winston's IMs remind me of Holy Grail "maybe he died -- why would he bother writing 'arrrrggghhh' if he was dying?"

Also, we are going to have more tea cups/mugs than anything else in our apartment. :]

Kate said...

Dammit Tracy why were you logged in as me??!

middleagedtreehouse said...

Sorry! The stupid computer at home defaults to your blog rather than mine.