Friday, March 4, 2011


Good lord, you have no idea how busy I've been these past few weeks. I've been meaning to blog up a storm, but we've begun a horrible stretch of one-nighters and most of the time I don't even have phone service on the road.

We left San Diego... lovely, beautiful southern California... for Vegas, where we had a surprise golden day. I can't really do much in Vegas, which I've dubbed "Disneyland with hookers", but I went to Margaritaville, the mall at Caesar's Palace, and walked along the strip a bit.

Then we went some other places in the middle of the country and I typically don't even know where I am. In fact, I didn't even figure out where we were going all day today until I looked at my GPS just now after being in the hotel for half an hour. Dayton, Ohio.

Look for an upcoming blog about what may possibly be our jankiest show yet, yesterday: on a tiny stage with next to no backstage area, the poor folks of Muskegan, Michigan had to put up with one hell of a rocky show. It was really interesting.

Talk soon (I really promise),

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