Friday, September 25, 2009

I am hooooooommmmeeee!

Weird, right? I was just so excited about getting back into the business of school life, what with my Goodnight Moon poem tribute and all that nonsense, when suddenly work calls and I have to be quickly shipped back to Texas for some adventures in voice acting.

Which is kind of cool. I mean, it's really fun, despite how jaded I've become with flying in general.

I made a video during the day, starting with sitting at the airport and going until I'm sitting at my home base kitchen! (But obviously it was not filming the whole time. That would be a six hour movie. And there is only one Gone With The Wind, which is plenty.)

One of the great things about getting to visit home is that you get fed home cooked food. And if you're my mother's daughter, you get Tex Mex doggy bag food from the local Tex Mex venue. Which, considering we're in the best state for Tex Mex, is awesome.

Although I didn't like guacamole until I moved to New York...

But I veer from the point.

Tomorrow I go into work at 11 (whee! The life of an actor is sweet for those who stay up late on youtube!) and after that I may hang out with my BIRD.....


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laurenlorraine said...

uh yeah you will! haha

also, that is totally my favorite part about coming home too. lucky you having an oven. I stocked up on everything that required stove/oven cooking to devour these three days that i'm at home.