Saturday, September 12, 2009

Schoolingness / Worst Audition Ever-ness

School hath beguneth again, and thus the stress of auditions. I'll spare you the aches and pains I have with the closed environment of school theatre in general, as well as my insecurities about a college major that guarantees I won't have a job for more than a year at a time, and instead I'm going to make lists! Because lists are fun!

My roommate has a ton of gorgeous clothes and I'm totes jealous,
But it's cuz I'm a shitty ass cheapskate, for the record, and therefore my clothes are shitty. Haha.

1. PRO: You.... think for yourself, I guess? psh. Everyone thinks for themselves.
2. CON: Your life is anxiety. My life IS anxiety.
3. PRO: You drink more. I will not be a lightweight dammit! ...Is this a Pro?
4. CON: Your friends sing in the streets. You say that singing in public is like using magic in the muggle world, and then they give you hateful looks.
5. CON: They hate you when your correct their grammar. I'M SORRY I JUST LOVE THE APOSTROPHE

1. Rebecca doesn't like overhead light at all, so instead we have those huge ass white paper lamps, two round ones from either corner and one gigantic wine-bottle shaped one by the window. It gives the room a romantic glow.
2. I HAVE A WINDOW WITH A GREAT VIEW OF DOWNTOWN/MY SCHOOL! :D It's next to my desk! I have sort of a little study nook.
3. I have a really sweet badass desk, with a lot of space and shelves, which is great because I already have to memorize a whole bunch of Hiragana by Monday!
3. My roomies let me put my art up to cover unsightly wall blemishes and fuse boxes.
4. We have a shit ton of kitchen supplies as well as a very lovely big kitchen.
5. All this space and I'm still in New York. Manhattan, nonetheless!

And so, I am going to TRY to have a glimmer of hope about the goodness of this coming year even though I had the official worst audition of my LIFE yesterday. Worst. Audition. Of. My. Life. And that's a lot of auditions to compete with for title of Worst Audition Ever.


middleagedtreehouse said...

There's no shame in being a lightweight drinker— in fact, it's the best kind of drinker to be. It saves you a lot of money and brain cells!

middleagedtreehouse said...

Also, you will totally kick arse at that callback! A bad audition for you is better than most people's good auditions.


Z Marxen said...

After four years of drinking, still being a lightweight is awesome.