Thursday, February 4, 2010

A blog for the ages

This photo is kind of old, since it's from my first anime convention (en route to Kansas here) but it's a good photo to describe how I'm feeling lately. Please ignore my forehead, which looks like that of Hobbes.

Sometimes I have to learn how to say why I can't give my Japanese presentation that day.

God of Carnage was pretty cool. I don't remember who the actresses were alongside James Gandolfini and Jeff Daniels, but one of them was good and the other was meh.

While choosing a name for my Kindle, I typed in "Phineas" while my iPhone thought I meant, apparently, "Ojibwas." ... Seriously, phone?! WHAT THE HELL IS OJIBWAS??

Oh, and I settled on Isolde. My biffle's kindle is Tristan.

FUNimation makes the official twitter cast announcement! Check that shit out yo!

I need a real big update with lots of words. This is a filler. Dear family and friends, I must try to remember to put on a happy face, because no one likes a whiny little emo kid.

There's a segment of our situp songs in dance where the awful indie-boy singer goes "if you have problems, why don't you go solve them" and I want to yell WELL good thing it's just that simple, you indie singer who thinks it's hip to fall off the pitch! You do that.

put on a happeh fayse


lorax said...

I hope you look more like the bottom picture soon. We need to skype soon and vent about all of our sucky-ness.

Anonymous said...
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icjangalang said...
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icjangalang said...

(sorry wrote the wrong thing)

yeeeeeaaa asian pose ;] lol cutey. should have been under the asian people sign.

Rowan said...

i like your blog, it's really funny and unique :)

themonkeyjedi said...

So when can we see Strike Witches?