Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Deal with a Blizzard

If your school gets canceled for a day due to snowpocalypse, and you should stay in, get work done, drink some hot tea... what do you do instead?

That's right. Brave the storm and spend all day running around town in freezing weather.

So the tribe and I decided to gather (as we usually do) and go in search of food (again, as per usual here.) Yup, rather than stay in bed, I spent my free day shivering and running and waiting for trains that shed gallons of icy water whenever they pulled into a station. And, I managed to get some blog footage in. Here's the real blog... and then, further down, there's all the footage I couldn't include because I hang out with weirdos.

AAAAAAND here's all the inappropriate goodness I couldn't put into a school-sanctioned video...

1 comment:

middleagedtreehouse said...

Love the new blog! Except for the camera movement toward the end, which makes me kind of carnival ride sick!

Very nice!

I mastered Quick Time Pro today and am putting up a little snow day piece. Sean is the star!