Monday, February 15, 2010

Words is in the improvements, say me you

I've got the most brilliant idea for a short story!

The inspiration came to me as I was talking with my friend about the Korean language. I'm always trying to learn, and then he said something in a funny way and I joked that his English was getting worse as he spoke more Korean.

But it gave us the brilliant idea for a story. So the concept of romantic interest between two people who don't speak the same language is nothing new, but what if they both spoke English and the guy spoke something else as well, and due to some bizarre (magical or medical) circumstances, his English slowly starts to deteriorate and he can speak and understand less and less of what she says over time? Eventually his English will completely disappear and they won't be able to communicate. What happens then?

The concept is a little Flowers for Algernon-esque right now, but different. The significant thing is the idea that they can communicate perfectly at one time, but his once brilliant vocabulary slowly begins to dwindle until he can only rely on his other tongue's brilliant vocabulary, the one the girl can never understand.

Yeah. I wanna write that sunufabitch.

It's like, "No, you no talk pretty one day."

I'm also going to compose a multilingual musical, and every number/character will be in a different language (haven't decided which yet)

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