Sunday, July 31, 2011

The life

What have I been doing with my life lately?

I got a baby bearded dragon, whom I've named Targaryan (Gary for short) and he is awesome and adorable. I've been taking care of him and making sure he grows up healthy, which is really fun for me, as taking care of pets is one of my favorite things to do.

I've been working on my apartment, getting things taken care of, and finally arranging my life together.

I've been stretching and working out (not as much as I need to be).

I've been making food for myself.

I've been organizing and cleaning.

I've been traveling lots every day around NYC, and spend a lot of time reading on the subway.

I've been meeting up with friends and having a great time.

So, have I gotten another acting job yet? No, but I will one of these days. It's even harder to get a normal job (coffee, retail, restaurant or otherwise) but I'll work on that too. I applied at various clothing stores, five different Starbucks, some bakeries... soon I'll apply at an exotic pet store. Anything to keep the Ramen in my cabinet. Haha.

So that's all. Not too exciting, but I'm finally getting a nice little life carved out for myself here, and it's all right.

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