Sunday, September 11, 2011

Untitled ramblings

Auditions are a source of stress,

or maybe it's just that I'm often

an uncontrollable mess.

I work at a pet shop that isn't really a pet shop,

it isn't cruel like pet shops are.

We sell bird cages and amphibian terrariums

and reptile lighting equipment.

We also have caiques and lizards and snakes.

I love all of them.

Especially the dart frogs.

My life has been hectic,

and I'm running in circles

and I spend every day doing things

from morning until night

and I spend a lot of time on trains

and even though I want to read on those trains
and always bring a book,

I usually let my brain go comatose and stare at the advertisements
above the windows.

I read a poem today about the iphone

and how it is a cocky machine.

It is.

I want to return to nature and sit under a tree.

But I'm afraid of bugs in the dirt.

So I sit in my apartment instead.

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