Monday, September 26, 2011

The price of eel

went up! Therefore a previously $9.95 Grilled Eel Fried Rice is now an absurd $15.95.

Are they endangered? I certainly hope not. Because dammit, they're delicious.

My typically insane Monday was made a little better by sleeping in through math class. (don't listen to me, kids)

Anyway, ignore this post's content; I'm exploring the blogger mobile app and it's photo capabilities. Bear with me, readers. Oh, wait... I don't have those ;P

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Ali said...

I read your blog!!! I bet you have a lot more readers than you think. I'm actually slightly creepy and check on your blog quite often to see if anything new is going on in the life of Kate Bristol...because you basically have a really cool life :) Anyway, you are just rockin' the blog posts at the moment... I was shocked to see three new ones that I hadn't read today and was excited to see what you'd been up to. By the way.. sidenote... why don't we ever catch up on the phone? we should really try that sometime. Also, is your hair jet black again? It looks thus in the picture. ALSO!..I really liked your creation of the word "somewhen." It really should be a word. Well, tis all. But keep blogging, lovely :)