Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best photo app ever

I got a few new iPhone apps after they were promoted by my favorite blogger XiaXue...

...and I have way too much fun with them.

Some of them are simply filters or color editors, like Camera360. They have a skin filter called "glowy" that makes your skin look awesome.

My skin doesn't look anywhere near this even, so I cheated. :)

The toad is real though. He was adorable.

Crazier apps, like "Lumie" and "LINE Camera," allow you to not only add filters, but things like stickers and other purikura goodness. (Purikura is a Japanese photobooth type thing where you get to look crazy and cute and have lots of stickers)

I started with a normal photo I took... which is already kind of cool, with the light flare behind and stuff.

Then I used a vintage filter on Camera 360...

Then you can add a border and SPARKLES with LINE Camera! Yay sparkles!

And then my name. hurr hurr.

And apps like these are how I'm able to turn a perfectly normal photograph

Into an abomination such as this one. HEYOHHHH

LINE Camera is ULTRA fun because of its stickers. You will see above I not only added sparkles, but a bow and hipster glasses. Their effects don't end there; they have anime eyes, hair, hats, clothes, and everything else you could need to make a photograph absolutely ridiculous.

Here, let's start with this

And make THESE!

And from there, we can start with this

And make these!

I'm Johnny Depp, muthafuckaaaas!

Disco chic!

I like this one's hair. The bow is cool too.

Anime something or other, who the hell knows

Soccer beach mom?

Snowy cat thing?

JPop princess!

Super cool blonde DJ chick!

Winston said I looked like Dev in this one. Dev is the singer in that "Like a G6" song

Speaking of Winston, NO ONE is safe from my photo editing! Muahaha!

The last is my personal favorite. He looks like such a sweet little Alaskan schoolgirl.

Yup, no one is safe, including my 80-year old grandpa.
Supa suave.

Blogged while recovering from seeing Rock of Ages, which is truly terrible (save for a love duet between Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand,)

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