Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cold bagel winter to Blackberry Summer

Summer has begun! In the past four days I've traveled hundreds of miles, cuddled piglets and baby goats, been bitten by a rambunctious mule foal, meditated on a crooked tree, finished two books and written about 20 journal pages. Also today I had a good bit of work as we finished up the series we've been working on, which kind of sucks. I'll miss that project. It was really fun to work on.

And so, after coming back from our annual family Memorial Day hill country trip, a new blackberry summer has officially started. Every summer I'm in Texas is called a blackberry summer because we have three or four blackberry bushes growing in a line in our yard, and during the last part of May I go out every day and eat a huge snack straight from the plant. Their fruit is plentiful, and now I can't ever eat blackberries from a store because I've been spoiled by the most organic berries you could ever get, growing wild from our yard with no human intervention.

Also, today at work on break the sound engineer and director made me take a quiz that determined if you were a pirate, ninja, knight, or cowboy. I was a pirate. (Although cowboy came in at a close second.) Yarr.

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laurenlorraine said...

I would want to be a pirate and then a knight and then a ninja, but never a cowboy. Indians all the way.