Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Hocky Kate

This is a blog. Do you have a blog? I have a blog.

I have a lot to write about.

Do you have a lot to write about? I have a lot to write about.

I feel loved. Do you feel loved? I feel loved.

I got cupcakes and a surprise party on my birthday. Did you get cupcakes and a surprise party on your birthday? NO, because that was MINE and it was AWESOME. Bwahahaha.

A very big and important blog is coming.


laurenlorraine said...

I LOVE the Happy Hockey family?

Do you still have your book?

I don't still have my book.

Can I look at it this summer?

You should let me look at it this summer.

Tracy said...

I love the Happy Hockey Family.

Doesn't everyone love the Happy Hockey family?

I took that book to work.

All the grownups liked it.

They liked it a lot.

They liked Cousin Stinky, and Grandma with too much perfume, and the magic monkey, and the part about opening the window wide.

I like the Happy Hockey family.

And I will bring it home for Lauren this summer.