Friday, November 7, 2008


Schoolingness... and stuff... added a Film-Literature minor. That's just one minor, Film and Literature together. Which is awesome, and immediately solves my dilemma of film vs. English minor.

The city does sleep sometimes.

I'll figure out what I mean by that and tell you later.


Books, classes, screenwriting, dancing, letter writing, checking mailbox, laundry, phone bills, recycling all these damn water bottles around my place, cleaning my place, groceries, hanging out with Ashley down the hall, registering for next semester, trying awkwardly to figure out what all the other theater majors are doing and try to find those "safe" people and hang out with them... maybe.

But mostly, dream about that awesome day when Will comes to visit me in December and plan everything we could possibly fit into one long weekend.

And that's what I do with my days.

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Tracy said...

You only have four days to cram everything in, but there are so many wonderful things to do!

I know it seems touristy, but you must:

see a show

go to Central Park (take lots of pics!)

There is an ice rink at Central Park, also Rockefeller plaza

Museum of Science and Natural History, near Land Thai / Crumbs / Jens

Top o the Rock

take the Staten Island Ferry (past Lady Liberty!) and mebbe visit Wagner's grounds, it'd be free and such a parklike setting

You will have so much fun, no matter where you go.