Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hello all, and I hope you had a delicious Thanksgiving. Currently I'm decorating bits of the house and eating Lucky Charms while the Sopranos is playing on TV. It's a fairly nice way to start to end a lovely break. Except we are so late in decorating! Will's apartment is decorated before ours, complete with a Dallas Cowboys themed tree.

(Also, be jealous, my boyfriend cooks delicious meals like Pad Thai for me, even honoring my pseudo-pescatarian diet*)

I'll be happy to head back to the city, and according to my iphone, they're getting a good bit of snow soon.

If I've seemed too happy in blogs lately, it's only because I try to sound really optimistic in my blogs, thinking the optimism will bleed into the rest of my life. At any rate, yes, seeing my friends and family is great, but not without its share of pissing-everyone-off- times. My mom and I got into the biggest screaming fest over-- what? an art project. We were finishing Will's commedia mask and I wanted to paint the mask while it was still on the positive sculpture of will's face shape because I was worried about the sides being too weak to support itself, and she said it was sturdy enough and that we needed to paint the edges more importantly, so we started yelling and she used the whole "I know better, I'm a professional artist" deal and I said I was trying to protect the mask from breaking and yadda yadda yadda...

Hot flashes must suck. One minute she's fine and then the next she's fanning herself and snapping at everyone. Five minutes later she's jolly again.

Sighhhh. I've been in a serious painting thing lately. It's weird.

Well, au revoir, I am disgusted by this blog post because it has no basic topic or story arc. Writing fail.

Will post something good later on in the week.

*My diet began as a pescatarian diet (no meat except for fish and seafood) but has now transisted into a diet I call the Intelligence Diet: I don't eat things based on how smart they are. For example, eating a whale, dolphin or monkey would be absolute cannibalism; fish are fine, and chickens are allowable sometimes. No cow or pig, because they're smart, especially pigs.


Tracy said...

I don't think cows are all that smart.

Tracy said...

"T-givin" is funny. Like a rapper name.

Tracy said...

The falling snow animation on your blog has a cooling effect on hot flashes, so thank you for that!