Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Fest!

April Fools about having a real pet rabbit. I was trying to freak out my mom. I would always do this to her, threaten to bring home another scurrying animal or mess up my future apartment with a ferret named Higginson (which I still fully plan on doing.) But this is the real rabbit I got for free today
Which I stuffed myself. It was like a mini-build-a-bear workshop, in our school. Because today was


And the weather is BRILLIANT right now. Absolutely perfect for a cute little festival.

So we went outside and they had these GIANT INFLATABLE BATTLE BOUNCY THINGS! As in, it was like a bouncy house with no walls or ceiling and you stood on a middle part and whacked eachother with big cushiony warrior sticks until one person won. It was SO COOL.

So I battled David

This is him falling over backwards. Hilarious. Look at those guys behind him staring
It was so, so, so much fun.


Joey looks bored while Whitney eats a delicious funnel cake. (Thanks to Joey who took the pictures, by the way)

Whitney and Hilary battling it out on the other bouncy battle thing.

Students wait in line for free funnel cake... I mean seriously, it's free...

Funnel cakes... almost as good as the weather we're having.

I wanna go take a walk down to Battery Park,
which is one of my new favorite places.


Tracy said...

You little pugilist, you! In a skirt, no less.

Barb said...

Love the April fools joke!!

We're keeping Allie and Sean while the rest of your family is out of town. I'll say "Hi" to them from you. Will try to get photos.

So far they haven't tried herding the Danes around. I think they remember from before that didn't really work very well.

The Danes say: "We are not cattle! Or sheep either! Silly Border Collies."

Lauren said...

I am so jealous!!

I wish we had bounce houses...