Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Please note: I love my roommates, really

I'm writing a (late) blog for the school, but in the meantime, I'm gonna write something I'd never put past any school officials.

I want-- nay, need-- an apartment next year. Dorming is just copious amounts of bullshit.

The most demeaning thing is mandatory "room checks" where the RAs come through and check everyone's rooms to make sure they're keeping clean and all that. What, are we children? It's embarrassing. The RA always says two things: take out the bathroom trash and Kate, your corner is too full of stuff, you need to clean it.

There is NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING TO BE PUT AWAY in my corner.

Then she compliments Aude on her meticulously tidy living space.

Here's why Aude and Nicole's spaces are so clean: they practically don't live here. They only have, what, a laptop, which isn't there on weekends, a few clothes that will make do for the week, and whatever else they just leave at home because they'll be there on the weekend. They don't need anything else, so their spaces are emptier.

I, however, live here permanently. I need everything I need for survival right here in this very room. And because they don't give us bookshelves, the window ledges have become my library, plus I have all the clothes I own here, all the shoes I own here, etc etc etc, because I, unlike them, don't live five minutes away and can leave if I need something. That is why my corner always looks busy. There isn't enough room for me to live in it.

And the bathroom trash thing? Well, weekends are usually trash takeout time. Guess who's here on the weekend?


Tracy said...

Just keep it tidy and neat looking.

Bring home some stuff next time if you want to.

You are lucky -- some people have roommates who are nice but always so THERE. You have a place in the city by yourself several times a month!

Joanna said...

Room checks are retarded. You're better than that. Keep your corner even messier. What can they do?

Lauren said...

You have room checks for cleanliness? We have room checks for drugs and alcohol (supposedly), but wow.

Then again...we do have housekeepers too...

Kate said...

Joanna- I totally would, because protesting is awesome, but then they'd fine me fifty bucks. Isn't that bullshit?

Lauren- You are so lucky you get housekeepers! PS Did Kelly call you?

StephCeCo said...

I feel ya! I live in a triple with my two friends (who both live 30 min away), and there sides are always WAY NICER than mine...because i have ALL OF MY STUFF HERE!

i am also getting an apartment next year...yay! (i hate dorming)

so yeah...i feel your pain! :/