Monday, April 27, 2009

Tag team, inspired by a Beat

Too many rattled nerves. America when will we be told the real truths? When will you stop these pandemics of nervous breakdowns over the newest fad catastrophe? When will your people, and the other people, stop being incapable of kindness? When will they care? Most act like they care, and often believe they do, but over the wrong things. America when can we appreciate the beats without sending accusations flying about insincerity?

America I grow nervous, not tired. Is this your intention? With the fumes of the Times and your noxious CNN? It's the impression we get. This is your second letter, America, to my knowledge, and you failed to listen when Ginsberg first wailed a lonely howl to your polluted sky.

America I will boycott your food and hurt only myself. America I could boycott your culture and nothing would change. America if I boycott my native country I shall end up on a boat slowly going insane like that one story we had to read in middle school.

America why didn't you listen to Ginsberg?


laurenlorraine said...

"wailed a lonely howl"

was it On the Road or Dharma Bums that Kerouac changed "Howl" to "Wail?"

Either way, genius.

Kate said...

Dharma Bums, I think. I loved that part. That's why I included both homage to wail and howl ;-)