Thursday, April 9, 2009

On Work and Weddings

So I've been under contract with the VO company for six years now. I must say, it's the only time you might get paid to audition. They pay for your audition hours as long as it's only people under contract auditioning. Open calls there's no pay. But still. How cool is that?

It's a good time to be home. Today was my parents' 21st anniversary and after a fabulous sushi dinner we went home to watch their wedding video.

Their wedding was astoundingly fun. The band was fantastic, the food and setting were elaborate and the booze was everywhere. By the end of the reception everyone was piss drunk and happy and hilarious. It was the happiest wedding I've ever seen. My mom looked beautiful even with her 1988 shoulder padded wedding gown ;-)

This is not her dress. This is what I want to wear--->

One of my mom's high school friends, towards the end of the video, ran up to the camera with my drunk-ass uncle and stammered into the camera, "20... 20 years from now, you... you're gonna watch this and say... hey... hey, what, whatever happened to that girl? An... 20 years from now, you... and say, hey, shit, where's her wrinkles... and... I don't know what I'm saying." And proceeded to laugh her way out of focus. And my uncle grabbed the maid of honor and said "I'm the worst bride of the brother they ever have. I mean... yeah!" And then two of the camo-clad army boys picked my mom up over their heads as their hostage and proceeded to kidnap her from the reception, kicking and screaming. Everyone was laughing and dancing and drinking. And I thought to myself, I am a very cynical person, and I've never been much for girly fantasies... but I want a wedding like that.


Tracy said...

Aw! This makes me unspeakably happy.

We did have a terrific wedding, though I can't say I condone the amount of free-flowing booze we had at our reception.

Mummy ShoulderPads

Jennifer said...


I had a pretty great wedding too. I should make you watch the video.

But you should be forewarned: it involves Karaoke.

Lauren said...

Oh sure, you think my blog is cool so you change yours to the picture of you that I have been most jealous of ever. Kate Guevara-ized. Hmph.

Love it though and thanks for the support on both blogs. stars in Georgetown, but we get a lot of people visiting campus.

PS - John Cleese is speaking at Trinity. WTF?!

Lauren said...

Oh! And yes, it is a stock photo. I have a huge folder of photos I stumbled on.

Barb said...

I do have to say that your parent's wedding was one of the most beautiful and most FUN weddings I've ever attended. (Except for the absence of dogs - in that category, my & your uncle Ronnie's wedding kicked ASS).

But don't dis your mom's dress too quickly - I haven't seen the video in ages and don't remember how it looked on tape. But in person that backless number was one of the most elegant and sexiest wedding dresses I've ever seen.

Kate said...

Barb, I totally remember your wedding! I was just old enough to remember it, and the dogs being so well mannered and being the flower dog/ ring dog ;-)

Can we hang out over the summer? I'm taking this summer to totally catch up with family bidness.

Kate said...

P.S. the back of her dress WAS really sexy, it was just the shoulder pads that made me giggle!

Tracy said...

Yes, those 80s shoulder pads really must go. There are other redeeming things to that dress, though!

I am so glad you were able to catch a flight back without spending the entire day at a crowded airport. So glad you could spare a few days for the folks at home! I'll come to NY soon to help you pack/store and move.

Miss you already -- That's why I'm posting on your blog.

love, Mummypads

Frosty said...

Oh man, what I wouldn't give to watch a video of MY parents getting married! But alas, there is no nuch thing. Video camera's hadn't yet been invented when MY parents got married. ;-)

Barb said...

I'm just now checking back in... and hell YES we can hang out this summer! I'm so sorry I've missed you the last few times you've been home.