Monday, September 29, 2008

Eventually I'll go to acting class

In this girl's dream, she said me and him came "home," but that home is only hers, not ours.

My home is New York now.

What is home exactly? In Garden State they say everyone remembers the moment they really grow up-- the exact moment you realize where you grew up is not your home anymore.

This is not applicable to me just yet. I must correct my previous statement, because, really, my home is still in Texas with my family, as I am financially dependent on them, and close to many of my friends, and my boyfriend, and also some sheep and some cousin-ly neighbors I've known since birth. This is still my home, although I do not really live there all the time anymore. I have two homes. One is for family and one is for my career.

My career, or at least my current chosen career path, requires that I live in this fantastic city. I have not discovered everything about this place, and I learn more every day, and I am certainly not ready to leave yet.

But of course, I won't live here forever. I will try my hand at this business and then hopefully move out of the country for a while; perhaps as a nomad, perhaps settling down on some pastoral setting or village or something. And then, perhaps, I may try my hand at the other coast. I cannot rule out anywhere I haven't been. The answer is simply to roll along with the punches, work hard as an actor, travel on the outside, and see where I'd be happiest.

So, certainly, I may end up on either coast. I may end up in Canada or Mexico. I may end up in Tokyo. Or Belgium. Or a small English village. Or Tazmania.

But goodness knows I'm not going to stay in one place for too long; the world is too damn big for that.

So I won't rule out your crazy thoughts just yet, crazy girl. Not just yet.


Lauren said...

My response to the post is in my own post on my blog.

What happened to Strawberry Cup Kate?! I like Blue Ingenue and the new picture thingy, but Strawberry Cup Kate was clever and adorable.

Tracy said...

Yes, that was so cute! Bring back Strawberry Cup Kate!

Kate said...


Tracy said...

Thanks for listening to your fans!