Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm eating cookie dough

In the style of my favorite Singaporean blogger Xiaxue,


Why does my building not have one single oven in it??!??!

I only want to make cookies! I went to every single kitchen-- penthouse, 2nd floor, basement- no oven. They've replaced them all with microwaves, it seems. What the hell?!

If they took the ovens out because they think it is a fire hazard, they should consider the fact that there is a much bigger fire threat in straightening irons and blow dryers, which there must be at least two of in every room. Now, I am eating cookie dough. They would be real cookies if only our building wasn't a big ol' bitch.

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Tracy said...

I think a George Foreman grill will do cookies, thought technically you're not allowed to have one in the dorm.

Just don't eat uncooked dough that's not fresh, or you'll barely live to regret it.