Friday, September 26, 2008

I want to write

I want to write marvelous stories and compose beautiful songs and create amazing things that people will love.

Idea no. 1- The Skapera

If Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, and a handful of other bands seem up to the idea of putting their songs in a musical, this is my first big idea. Ska + Opera = Skapera. It's a semi- autobiographical rock musical entirely with ska music.

Idea no. 2- The trippy/fantasy novel/movie with all my dreams

One day I decided to go back to my very first old blog in which I documented all my crazy tripped-out dreams and put them all together in a kind of haphazard plot that ended up being one weird piece of something. The storyline goes roughly like this:

A girl named Ai lives in a peaceful little town until a giant flood comes to the earth and everyone lives on the roof of her school. She departs in a little handicraft boat until she comes to an island, whereupon she meets a bird named Lysander and a dog named Demetrius. They inform her that the barrier between these two obscure universes has broken, so she's like, "ok, that's pretty sweet." Anyway, someone tries to kidnap her with a kite, and there are elephants in Victorian clothes, and a dome city, and eventually Ai ends up on a pirate ship with a bunch of Japanese singing female pirates who race with a ship full of dude pirates. Needless to say, I'm a badass.

Idea no. 3- A play about a bunch of people and their religion

Because everyone loves a bit of thought-provoking controversy in a show. It'll cover a whole lotta shit.

Idea no 4- there is no idea number 4. Not yet, anyway. There are rough ideas, but nothing solid.

Singing Japanese lady-pirates kick ass.

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Lauren said...

I've always loved the Skapera idea. There absolutely must be a skapera made someday, preferably by you.

Also, the dream fantasy novel reminds me a bit of Abarat, which is a good thing.