Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The baby face complex

Darling is going pretty well! It snowed a little today, but only from the view of the top floors; once you get to street level it becomes a light sleety rain. I think a bunch of us from the show are going to see Songs for a New World somewhere uptown tonight; either way, I've got to clean and read books and print more music. So, that's pretty fun.

So here's the thing that's frustrating me: my chances of getting in Bare, it seems to me, are growing bleak, simply because Bare is set in a high school, not a middle school. And I. Look. Twelve. Years. Old. Especially next to all of the other students, who have a mature look and can all definitely play older.


In Darling, we were sectioning off who got to be what stripper (they have different names) and immediately Amy said "well, I know Kate's going to be Baby Irene" (whose line is "I'm just a young little thing!" in a Shirley Temple voice, while the other strippers wax about their marriages or S&M fetishes). That was the only stripper she assigned, the first one. And in the first number, the girl playing Ursula is a senior who looks old but Ursula is supposed to be sixteen. And everyone else is a party guest around her parents' age. Amy instructed us, "Okay, so you're all playing twenties, thirties, probably forties too... so you'll all be playing very old and dignified, especially because we have to contrast this and make Ursula really seem 16." Until she looked at me. "Well, except you... you can be a younger party guest... I guess." And everyone sort of laughed, myself included.

On the inside I cursed and prayed that one day when we're all middle aged I can be raking in the big money finaly playing teenagers in musicals.


Tracy said...

Wear. More. Makeup.

At least at the Bare audition.

Your unique look will serve you well one day. Really, I think it will pay off.

Glad it's going well. :)


Jennifer said...

NO NO NO! This is SUCH a GOOD THING!! You want to play young AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. You are an ingenue. Young = good. When you are 23, you will be beating out people like me because you look perfect as a 16 year old. Think of all the parts you can play..... Luisa, Kim, Sandy....

Fireside posted the HSM auditions today. They are the first week of Feb, and the notice says you HAVE TO LOOK LIKE YOU'RE IN HIGH SCHOOL. In other words, Jennifer don't show up. Haha. Kate on the other hand....

Kate said...


No, I know it's a good thing in the industry, just not in school, where they're taking adult roles from a pool of college students.

When, actually, which matters more, my school or the industry? Come to think of it, why am I complaining?


Frosty said...

Honey, what I would give to look 16 again.... or twelve even. This is A BLESSING. And anyone who tells you it isn't IS SO JEALOUS OF YOU SHE CAN'T SEE STRAIGHT. You won't have to get a face-lift until your in your eighties. How awesome is that???