Monday, January 12, 2009

Can't go back now

I want to be in a book club. Unfortunately my school has no such thing, and even if it did, I doubt anyone would care or read anything. Also unfortunately, I'm always worried if I go to one outside of school it'll end up being a big hoax and I'll be stabbed. ...To death. ...In a Barnes & Noble. ...Because that happens in Barnes & Nobles.

Darling is going well, except that I realize I've had this inflated view of my actual contribution to the show by learning all of the lead female's parts. By doing so, I've forgotten that without actually playing Darling, I am just a very small, unseen chorus member singing in the wings behind a music stand. Oh, and for two lines in the second act I play an Irish nun. ...God, it's so weird.

It's four, and as you can tell, we've all been let out early for rehearsal. And yeah, I really want to be in a book club, eventually. Perhaps it could be called Disgruntled College Students and Voracious Readers who want more friends and literary discussion outside their school with other disgruntled voracious-reading college students! (What a title.) At any rate, that's probably a dumb idea for someone who should be auditioning more and more. I'm probably going to be busy this coming semester, too, with 'Beats, Bongos & Buddhism', online computer classes (as if anyone in our generation needs to know MORE about using a computer), voice lessons, sight singing (SNORE, do they not know about All State?) ballet II, acting II, and... something else, maybe. Or whatever.

But I've realized something: I don't want to go back to Texas.

Yes, I miss my family and whatnot, but now I feel like all the unfinished business I had back home has just been... wrapped up. But it isn't. In a way. I still have to wrap some things up. But now I've come to the point where I'm willing to transition the majority of my life, and all my focus, into being here. There aren't any more strings. At least, not really. And I'm happy here, and probably will be happier as things move along and I get more of a routine. And who knows, maybe I'll really start going to all the honors college meetings and start a book club, or a Scrabble club ;-) (and kick their ASSES, muahaha!) But at any rate, it's me, Brandon, the cast, Rachel, Megan, Kelly, Ashley a.k.a. Osh Kosh (the Palestinian Princess, fluent in Arabic), Karla a.k.a. Karlissima (the only one in her family who is a US citizen, how cool is that), Justin the ambiguous guido, Lexi the queen of Long Island, and roommates Nicole and Aude who I am in a war with over who is more Asian (future post material, right there) and many other intruiging characters in the might-as-well-be-a-piece-of-fiction that is my life...

I don't wanna go back to Texas. Isn't that a good thing?


Jennifer said...

Wow. What a difference a week makes! I am so proud of you in every way...and I want to join your scrabble club. Please? I'll play nice, and I won't throw fits when I lose or sabotage the other players (much).

Jennifer said...

and I'm pretty sure you can consider your sight singing class to be the blow off class of the semester. I bet it's even easier than Bongos, Beats, and Buddhism (or whatever that class is )

HOW much are you paying for college? I have got to come up with one of these classes....

Maybe something like: Words, Wit and Wet Willies.
or: Music, Men, and Maladjustment
or: Cupcakes, Cash and Carnivores???

Beagles, Brains, and Beauty? You'll get an A in that class, obviously.

Kate said...

no, I'd make the "barely passing" mark, as I have no beagle! :(

Beats, Bongos & Buddhism is something about the history of the beatnik generation and their literature combined with Buddhism philosophy and hippies or something of that nature.

P.S. Did I ever tell you about the game of Scrabble where my mom got so mad she flipped the board over, sending little letter tiles everywhere? "Competitive" doesn't begin to describe my Scrabble upbringing.

Tracy said...

Well, as much as I would love to have to living FOREVER in the blue-purple room I brought you to from the hospital 18 years ago, your realization makes me very happy.

*gasp* Have you spoken of your mummy's horrid lack of Scrabble sportsmanship?


PS- Tell Jen the only reason you are at that crappy, overpriced college is that it was nearly FREE! (Well, the tuition, anyway— the housing is killing us!)

Tracy said...

Okay, that was weird. We wrote about my scandalous behavior at THE SAME TIME.

Kate said...

If housing is killing you, why don't you let me live in a Brooklyn apartment next year with Leslie and some of her NYU friends?

Tracy said...

Please add that I was playing against my charming but insane mother, who was being really obnoxious and goading me, big time.

I am sorry that you had a scarred children witnessing that event.

a much calmer Mum

Tracy said...

Because the crappy economy is going to make crime even worse, and a crazy person will kill you on the way to school, that's why!

Safe in the dorm, missy! There is plenty of time for charmed ghetto living later!