Saturday, January 10, 2009

I <3 Flight of the Conchords

And thus I present to you... Bret's acid trip in episode 10.

"You're the high priestess of tinsel!"

[EDIT] ALSO.... Today we had a beautiful fluffy, light snow in New York! :D

Check out this. The general amount of odd things one can find is so, so vast...

See the panda? He was just hangin' around near the Wall Street bull. Just chillin'. Like a panda. Keep on keepin' on, mr. Panda.


Tracy said...

I love the panda in profile! Both pics are wonderful to see.

Tracy said...

PS— I was thinking about your earlier blog about things you did this year. You went to the Jon Stewart show and sat on the front row of Gypsy. I think those are both notable things.