Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random screen captures from my desktop

This is me and my friend Lauren! <3

Wtf? Why would someone want to click on something like this?

My mom made a poster for Darling. Haha.

This is a very happy turtle. I like strawberries too.

This one boggles my brain.

Ok, let me get something straight here. I am twelve years old in this picture. TWELVE. By the time a child is twelve, they are almost thirteen, hence almost a teenager. Hence, they usually look something like a PRETEEN, and not a BABY. I look seven years old. End of rant.


Tracy said...

I think you are eleven there. So cute!

Tracy said...

Besides, what do you care? You love footy pajamas and climbing trees!

Lauren said...

We are cute!

I have stumbled on that picture of the turtle before!

You are SO not twelve. I mean, I looked like I was nine when I was twelve, but wow...

You are ridiculously gorgeous!!!