Sunday, February 8, 2009

And with someone else I'll hold to the ground

I started a new stop motion today. It's nothing ground breaking, nothing exceptional. Nothing, even, much different from any stop motion I've made before. Making the little movies is my way of dealing. It's a therapy. It's an outlet. A creative outlet, a painkiller, cement for the hole.

My roommate is bugging me to get ready to go to the gym downstairs with her.

How do you run off two years?


Jennifer said...

You don't. You add them to the toolbox that makes you a better friend/daughter/actor/lover/human being.

It's called life and you have to LIVE it. And you need to eat cookies. Homemade ones. Lots of them.

Frosty said...

Cupcakes work really good too. And bad grammar. And a good friend to watch bad movies with. Just don't get drunk and black out, K?