Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Which is more natural to the human being, Eastern or Western philosophy?

When their mother is out of their sight, to the baby, she doesn't exist. Eastern thought

As the child grows up, he learns that she actually does "exist" when out of his sight. Western thought

The baby cannot tell at an early age if things are different from one another. Eastern thought

He grows up to place labels on objects, and label feelings and people. Western thought

He is taught that family is important and should make other people happy. Eastern thought

He is taught that the individual is more important and should want for things to accentuate his individualism. Western thought

I love my Buddhism and Beatniks class. Although we brought up today that we weren't being taught anything about Bongos and I joked that we were only getting 2/3rds of what we were promised upon signing up for the class. In all actuality I don't care. The reading material is excellent.

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