Saturday, February 28, 2009

An incredibly superficial post (because there's too much deep stuff on my mind to share)

I am usually the most thrifty person when it comes to shopping; I don't like spending a lot of money. But my latest purchase is from Urban Outfitters and I shipped them back to Texas (because I do not trust the mail system in my building. It's hellish)

I indulged myself. It may have been wrong, but I think both are worthy purchases.
The first is a flower headband because I think it's really pretty and I'd want to wear this while drinking tea in some cute shop or something.

The second...a pair of loud, soft, ear-covering headphones that also look very very cute, in my opinion. Big headphones are coming back into the indie-crowd, and, well, I fly a lot-- these will come in SO handy on airplanes to drown out other noises. The little ipod earphones end up hurting your ears after a while!
Yay teh cuteness. Posh.

This was a ridiculously superficial post. It's an escape. I've been immersed in deep thinking. Spiritual, relationship... it's a whole bunch of stuff filling my brain. Also my brain is covered in cold sickness. That doesn't help. Curse you, foul headcold-cough-virus spreading everywhere on Manhattan!

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Tracy said...

I must admit both those items are adorable.