Sunday, February 1, 2009

I WILL tase you, bro

I think I should invest in a taser. It would allow me enough time once I knocked the person unconscious with enough electric volts to run away into a subway station somewhere, where I would hide until the next creepy old man would come around and kill me.

I don't know why this sudden paranoia came on. Maybe it's because I went to a killer sweet Superbowl party at Olivia's place in Washington Heights. Now, her apartment is HUGE, and beautiful. She has enough room for a table to eat on, even. It's very un-New York. And they can climb out onto the roof for this awesome view of the bridge. Granted, she DID get it through a broker, which is damn expensive, which I most likely won't do, but still. It's a really nice place for a very, VERY decent price.

And anyway, first off, I feel like if I lived in that neighborhood I would have to learn Spanish, fast.

Secondly, my fellow dorm-er from the party and I left around 11 to take the A back to campus. Mind you, it's Sunday, so everything runs local. It took us more than an hour to get home and I've never felt so skeezed out in my entire life. The usual paranoia of getting stalked by strange lonely rapist men increased tenfold as we were surrounded on the train and I actually felt acutely aware of us being stared at from multiple angles.

Perhaps I'm overreacting, as I usually do. I'm just so very conflicted because Liv's apartment is so big and lovely, and it seems like a nice place to live, during the daytime. But at what point should I sacrifice cheap living for a decent neighborhood?

Postscript: The poll indicates that 77% believe a taser is a better investment than a fish. I'm still getting a fish.


Tracy said...

How about at no point, to answer your question.

Please take more cabs. It's worth the twelve bucks. Besides, Grandmom will just keep putting money into your account!

Jennifer said...

The Heights has great apartments, but they don't outweigh the facts that 1. you have to take the A train 2. It's WAY too far from school and 3. There is a VERY small window of "safe areas" for you to shop/walk/play in up there.

There is a reason why the places are so cheap.

Stick with the dorms for now my dear. And don't buy a taser.

Jennifer said...

Ps- I voted for a fish.