Monday, February 16, 2009

Student blogger

When I sent in my app to become a Pace student blogger, it hadn't occurred to me that I couldn't reuse my personal blogs as my student blogs.

Case in point: my Mario post.

Which, by the way, I am totally disappointed in everyone who reads this because I received zero comments on my last post, which I thought was relatively entertaining. It had screen captures and everything, I mean, come on people.


Tal Fox said...

Hey hey! i commented about your mario post in real time- you know my love for your posts ;)

Frosty said...

I love your posts but I hate all things that are or are related to video games. ;-) And I'm working on an interview for you....

Kate said...

Sigh, well Trish, I guess we had to differ in ONE way eventually. I love video games, and am a huge nerd for them as far as girls go....

Frosty said...

K, I can't find your email address on your blog or your facebook page, so you'll have to settle for getting your interview questions in a blog comment. But I got mine that way, so you know, it's cool. And, take your time answering these. People In The Sun told me it took him two months to answer his questions and so I had plenty of time to answer mine. You do too.

1: How do you envision your life five years from now?

2: Tell the interwebs about your Aha! moment. Every actor has one. What was yours?

3: Would you rather be interviewed by James Lipton, Oprah, Katie Couric, Joan Rivers, David Letterman or Diane Sawyer? Why?

4: You are, in my opinion, living a very exciting time in your life. Do you feel like you live in the moment? Do you feel like you're able to enjoy and appreciate your experience?

5: Of all the artists (and by 'artists' I mean actors, singers, writers, painters, et al) who have ever lived, whose career do you hope yours most emulates?

Joanna said...

I wanted to comment! I started to, actually.

But then my phone went off, as an alarm, reminding me that I had an officer meeting in fifteen minutes. So, I did not comment. Instead, I closed Ralph (my laptop), and grabbed my shoes and hauled ass.

But I love you!

And I loved the Mario post. (It was my first time reading your blog. I thought it hilarious.)

And your final conclusion is faulty. You'd be the best game-programmer ever. Take it from someone who associates with programmers daily.